Selfness® collaborates with Christine le Duc . Christine le Duc is for every woman and stands for femininity, strength and self-confidence. Every woman is sexy, powerful and strong. We at Christine le Duc see and believe that. We also want to show all women how beautiful they are inside and out. Christine is the friend you can turn to with all your stories, worries and uncertainties. So that we can then send you back on the road full of inspiration, advice and self-confidence. At Christine le Duc we do not strive for the perfect woman, but for the real woman . Beautiful (erotic) lingerie.

Selfness® works together with Irma Noteboom . Irma is an experienced coach, trainer and psychosocial (relationship) therapist. In addition to individual coaching, psychosocial therapy and relationship therapy, she offers online training for more self-love and healthy relationships. Online training " Let's talk about sex " - If the sex in your relationship seems to have disappeared. Download the EBook here .

Selfness® has teamed up with Shō-moon . At Shō-moon we're committed to creating candles that are good for your body and the planet. Each candle is paired with a Reiki-infused guided meditation (in English, French and Dutch), accessible through a QR code under the lid. All candles are hand-poured in our studio in Haarlem, The Netherlands, in small batches to ensure a high-quality final product.

Selfness® works together with "Alles is Liefde and Liefde is Alles" Matchmaking & Love Coaching. Selfness® is a freelance matchmaker at ' '. Relationship agency 'Alles is Liefde' is based in Belgium & matches people personally and based on in-depth interviews and personality tests. Everything is love and love is everything. You can register here with code ArjenSe3 !

Selfness® collaborates with The Oh Collective . Self Love products for the modern woman. Eden, Diana, Simona and Winxi believe that self-love, intimacy and sexuality should be celebrated. The Oh Collective wants to make taboos negotiable, so that friends, sisters, mothers and even grandmothers can better understand their own bodies and sexuality and in this way can also take better care of themselves.