vulva lips

We speak Shameless . Let's remove the shame from our language, so that together we move one step closer to a shame-free society.

SCHAAMTELOOS is an initiative that aims to replace the word 'labia' with 'vulva lips' in the Dutch language.

From an early age we are taught to use words that tell us we are not allowed to talk about it: pubic hair, pubic bone, pubic area, labia. This language can negatively impact how we view our own bodies and those of others. Why should we experience shame about something that is completely natural?

It's time for us to take better care of ourselves 💕
It's time for new language!

The addition of 'vulva lips' to the Dikke Van Dale represents a milestone in recognizing and normalizing inclusive language, contributing to a more shame-free society.

Selfness | ODE to women Jewelry supports this initiative.


And from now on use the word 'vulva lips' 🖤
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