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Time for intimacy

For some, it’s an expression of love – for others, it’s about reaching a climax. Intimacy means different things to different people, but there’s one thing we have in common: we all crave it. Our mission is to increase intimacy for all.


Time for everyone

At Aia*, we believe you should allow yourself all the pleasure you need. Whether you have a vulva, or a penis. Whether you’re playing solo, or with a partner. Because pleasure is for everyone, no matter who you are.

Time for something new

It’s tempting to stay within your comfort zone – but even the truest love can sometimes benefit from a little boost. We give you the tools to explore exciting new frontiers and reach new heights in your quest for completion.

Intimacy. For some, it’s expressed through showing affection towards a partner; for others, its core lies in reaching a climax. Your definition might be different to someone else’s, but there is a common thread between us all: we crave it.

It might seem fleeting in a new era of distance… And it’s challenging — we experience this too. Longer-term connections are increasingly complicated across generations, both old and young. We long for security, but our desire for freedom guides us in a different direction. We resort to exploration: in relationships; in forms of intimacy. Digital, fast, (sometimes) superficial. That seems to be the new standard.

While it may be a quest sometimes, the desire for freedom must not necessarily imply a lack of satisfaction. Rather, we believe it is much more important for you to feel open, enough to be curious to discover what you and your sexual partner can find pleasant and exciting.

What is today’s intimacy? Picture an oasis where curiosity and open-mindedness are rewarded. A place where you can open up to others and fully enjoy your intimacy, regardless of your sexuality. That’s what we strive for.

We are already on the right track, together. We increasingly dare to communicate our intimate desires honestly. We passionately encourage this trend with Aia*: natural, vegan sexual wellness products that are sustainably made in the Netherlands. The perfect bottle to help increase your intimacy to the fullest.

Intimacy, pleasure & curiosity

Founded by Brother and sister duo

Hugo & Simone Kuijer

Wij zijn Hugo en Simone Kuijer, broer en zus, en oprichters van Aia* – een sexual wellness merk die past bij de wereld van nu. Modern, duurzaam en transparant.

In onze zoektocht naar een glijmiddel bleek dat we beiden geen merk konden vinden die ons aansprak. Felle kleuren, zoete smaakjes en vage ingrediënten overheersen de schappen in de winkels. Daarnaast worden sexual wellness producten vaak weggestopt, maar waarom kan je het niet gewoon met trots op je nachtkastje zetten?

Dat vonden wij ook! Om deze redenen besloten we dat het tijd was om zelf iets te creëren. Naast onze producten willen we met Aia* het taboe op intimiteit doorbreken. Seks en seksualiteit mag gevierd worden en niks is raar. We willen mensen uitdagen om nieuwsgieriger te zijn en nieuwe dingen uit te proberen – want als je de teugels laat vieren, komen vaak de mooiste dingen tot stand.

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Discover our collection of natural, vegan sexual wellness products that are sustainably made in The Netherlands. The perfect bottle to help increase your intimacy to the fullest.

Time for Intimacy

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